“Welcome to COMM RAP! We are a thriving living-learning community organized around the theme of “Communication and Society.” COMM RAP is an exciting place where students can engage with faculty, staff, and peers in a small college atmosphere within a major research university. Through a unique blend of small, seminar-style courses and co-curricular activities outside the classroom, we encourage students to explore challenges that define the contemporary communication process. Our superb faculty hails from varied intellectual and professional backgrounds, bringing a distinctive blend of expertise, as well as sensitivity to the needs of early college students, to our curriculum. Similarly, our excellent program and residential staff apply their wealth of experience to foster a nourishing environment for collective learning. We are particularly committed to serving a diverse student population and to preparing our students to participate as thoughtful global citizens in the cultivation of a more just society. Because communication knowledge and skills are increasingly vital to most areas of study and practice, COMM RAP is a thoroughly interdisciplinary program. Our students pursue a range of relevant communication issues, such as relational, group, and organizational collaboration; public dialogue and political discourse; and the role of media and technology in our daily lives and society at large. COMM RAP welcomes students with a curiosity about communication regardless of intended major. Come learn more about us… and with us!”


Karen Ashcraft PhD.
Professor, Department of Communication
Director, Communication & Society Residential Academic Program