About Us

The Communication and Society Residential Academic Program was inaugurated in Fall 2010.  It is housed in Buckingham Hall, which was renovated to accommodate COMM RAP.  It is located on the southeast side of campus, on Kittredge Loop Road, off Regent Drive and is part of the Kittredge Complex.


Construction of Buckingham Hall was the first major project undertaken after a decision was made by the Regents to have Buckingham Hall along with Kittredge Commons, Andrews Hall, Arnett Hall, and Smith Hall built by Architectural Associates of Colorado in 1963 and 1964.  The halls surround the Kittredge pond and the complex reflects design that was favored by students. It was named after Colonel Charles W. Kittredge, a member of Colorado’s first House of Representatives, who authored the 1877 bill that initiated the operation of the University.

The architecture of the five residence halls and Commons mimics the Rural Italian style of the campus.  They are arranged to fit in harmony around an inner park with a reflecting pond, with grassy areas, pathways, and beautiful landscaping.   This design was chosen to foster a sense of community. Community continues to be a primary focus of the programs at Kittredge, and an important theme for the campus. The renovation of Buckingham Hall was undertaken with this in mind to house the Communication & Society Residential Academic Program as the third residential college on the Boulder campus.

In the residence halls, community comes in part from the “academic neighborhoods” created by the Residential Academic Programs. At Kittredge, these programs are supplemented by informal social and educational activities organized for each floor and among the halls. Professional staff and specially trained upper-division students, organize these events with the interests and needs of residents in mind.

Where did the naming of Buckingham come from:

Charles G. Buckingham was Boulder bank president, and philanthropist.  The University of Colorado was fortunate to have received, from the day of its founding, the support of this Colorado pioneer.  Mr. Buckingham joined other prominent Boulder citizens in paying for the cost of building Old Main, thus assuring the school’s home in Boulder.  He also was quick to recognize that a library was one of the first needs of a university and his gift of $2,000 established what was then called Buckingham Library in the building, which now houses University Theatre.  He died at the age of 94 in July of 1940 in the city which he, perhaps more than anyone else, helped build.

What are some of the advantages in living in Buckingham Hall:

  • Students come from every state of the U.S. and from over 50 different countries, enriching campus life with their cultures and perspectives.
  • Houses COMM RAP, which offers 12 or more small-sized classes (15-20 students/class) per semester on site.
  • Increased opportunities to interact with instructors than is normally the case.
  • Opportunities to participate in COMM RAP sponsored civic engagement projects in the Boulder community.
  • Opportunities to explore how communication influences civic life and share social processes.
  • Opportunities to meet with leaders in the community and distinguished visitors to CU whose work is having an impact on society.
  • Accommodations in a newly rennovated building.
  • Ample quiet spaces for study, including Wolf Law Library, located 3 minutes walk from Buckingham.
  • Located near the Coors Events Center, where men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s volleyball games are played.
  • Located near the Center for Community, which houses one of the major dining halls on campus, serving an international menu at 10 dining stations
  • Walking distance from Chatauqua Park.
  • Basemar Shopping Center is across the street from the hall.
  • Close to bus stops to go around Boulder or to Denver and the airport.