Resident Living

Buckingham Hall was dedicated in 1964 and was rededicated in 2010.  The hall has a very nice common lounge where students gather to socialize, watch movies, or meet in groups to study. It also has two smart classrooms: BUCK N101 and BUCK S106. Besides the common lounge and the classrooms, students can study in, a study lounge on each of the floors and in every wing. The following are the types and the floor plans of the rooms that are available in the hall that includes the meal plans in which you need to contact Occupancy Management, Housing & Dining Services at: 303-492-6673 or email them at: with your selection that require Adobe Reader:


Dorm Options(click one for more information):


Double-Student Room

Four Students with Bath

One-Student Room with Bath

Three-student Suite with Bath (double unit)

Three-student Suite with Bath (single unit)

Triple-Student Room

For More Information Visit CU Housing (click here)


Every Occupant will have the following furnishings:


  • 3-drawer dresser
  • Chair
  • Desk lamp
  • Closet
  • Desk w/shelf or w/bookcase
  • Bulletin board
  • Extra long twin bed


Every room will include:


  • Area rug
  • Recycling bin
  • Blinds
  • Smoke detector
  • Microwave
  • Trash bin
  • Mini fridge/freezer
  • Wireless Internet access
  • TV connection with basic cable programming service


Items that you can bring:


  • Alarm Clock to be on time for 8:00am classes.


  • Assignment Letter that contains your hall and roommate assignments.


  • Bicycle and lock: Lighted bike racks are located near every residence hall. Always lock your bike, preferably with a U-bolt lock. If you keep your bike in your room, you may not use bike hooks in the walls or ceilings. You must register your bike with the university police when you arrive. For more information, contact the CU Bike Station at: 303-735-2705.


  • Computer: All residents are strongly encouraged to bring a laptop computer and connect wirelessly to the campus network. Housing & Dining Services provides a high-speed wireless network to the Internet and campus computing networks for all residence hall students. Wireless service is available in all residence halls. Each residence hall room is also equipped with a wired ResNet Ethernet jack, giving residents access to the university network and the Internet. Network support services are also available to all residents. Note: additional wireless access ports and routers of any kind are NOT ALLOWED in the residence halls. If you don’t have a computer, there are many computing facilities on campus.


  • Electronics (TV, stereo, etc.): You should contact your roommate(s) and agree on what large electronic items you plan to bring to campus. There won’t be room for two TVs, two stereos, etc.


  • Laundry Bag or Basket: Each hall has pay washers and dryers for your use.


  • Linens: Bring sheets, pillows, and blankets. Beds are 80” long, requiring extra-long twin sheets. Linens may be purchased in many discount and department stores, and through the Residence Hall Association sponsored Residence Hall Linens Program.


  • Pictures/Posters: Small standing picture frames on your desk will work best to give your room a personal touch. Be sure to check with your roommate before hanging large posters or pictures, and use only approved adhesive hangers. Do not make holes in the walls or ceiling.


  • Recreation Equipment: Many halls are near recreation fields, so bring Frisbees, footballs, volleyballs, and tennis rackets. Bring skis and snowboards if you have room to store them.


  • Telephone: All residents are strongly encouraged to bring their own cellular phones and service. Public telephones are located in designated areas in all the residence halls for student use in making free local calls.   A request can be made for activation of local land-line phone service in your unit for a non-refundable fee of $500 per academic year. To make such a request, contact the Occupancy Management office at: 303-492-6673 before August 1, 2011, to complete the necessary forms. Land-line phone requests submitted before August 1 will be activated before residents arrive. Otherwise students making a special room phone land-line request need to allow three weeks for activation. The non-refundable fee of $500 per academic year includes installation, activation, basic local service for a single line analog phone, and continuation of service if moved to another room. It does not include long distance minutes or telephone handset. The student must provide a basic telephone handset.


  • Toiletries and Towels: You may find a small bag helpful for carrying your toiletries to and from the bathroom.


  • University Documents: Keep all letters, receipts, and university publications in a file folder.


  • Wellness Kit: General first-aid supplies, digital thermometer (not mercury), and sanitizer, tissues, fever reducers (acetaminophen, ibuprofen).


  • Winter Wear: Colorado is beautiful in the winter, but it can get very cold. We recommend bringing along a warm coat, boots, gloves/mittens, and a hat. Don’t forget sunscreen. At Boulder’s higher elevation the sun is dangerous even on cloudy days. Rain gear is useful year-round.


Items that you cannot bring:


  • Air Conditioners and Space Heaters: Since Boulder’s climate is pleasant with low humidity and mild temperatures, personal air conditioners and space heaters are not required. Regardless, they are not allowed due to their excessive power requirements and fire hazard potential.


  • Candles and Beanbag Chairs: These are not allowed because they are fire hazards.


  • Cigarettes/Cigars/Pipes/Hookahs: All university residence halls are designated nonsmoking environments. This includes all residence hall public areas such as lobbies, hallways, lounges, bathrooms, and dining facilities, as well as all student rooms and living spaces. (Smoking areas are identified outside of each building. Residents and their guests must dispose of smoking materials, after use, in the receptacles provided.) Hookahs and water pipes are considered paraphernalia and are not allowed on campus.


  • Cooking Appliances: Appliances that are not allowed include toasters, toaster ovens, hot plates, electric griddles, personal microwave ovens, barbecues, or grills of any kind. All electrical appliances must be UL-approved. All rooms are furnished with a microwave/fridge combo. Additional refrigerators are not permitted in residence hall rooms.


  • Draperies/Tapestries: The draperies used in the halls meet special fire safety standards and may not be removed. Tapestries are considered fire hazards and are not allowed.


  • Firearms/Weapons: Firearms, explosives, incendiary devices, or other weapons, or harmless instruments designed to look like a firearm, explosive, or weapon, are not permitted in the residence halls. This prohibition includes, but is not limited to, B guns, paint ball guns, pellet guns, martial arts equipment, and swords or knives with blades over 3” in length. Violation of this policy will result in the immediate termination of your Housing & Dining Services contract, and a disciplinary conference with the Office of Judicial Affairs, with a likely result of suspension from the university. You must check with the University of Colorado Police Department at: 303-492-6666 for information about the storage of guns, knives, or other weapons.


  • Fireworks: Most types of fireworks are illegal in the State of Colorado. Absolutely no such incendiary devices are allowed in the residence halls at any time.


  • Heaters/Halogen Lamps/Heat Lamps: These are not allowed because they are fire hazards.


  • Internet Wireless Access: Wireless Internet access is provided in the residence halls. No personally installed wireless access points or routable gateways are allowed on the ResNet network. For more information on CU-Boulder’s wireless policy and initiatives, please visit the ITS wireless policies page.


  • Nails or Screws: You are not allowed to put holes in the walls, ceilings, or floors, or construct permanent structures in your room.


  • Pets: Pets are not permitted in the buildings or on the grounds. You may have one 10-gallon aquarium for small aquatic life (turtles and fish) if your roommate(s) agree.


  • Paint: If you need to have your room painted, you may submit a work order through your Resident Advisor (RA).