Dr. Karen L. Ashcraft – Director/Professor

Spring 2014 Office Hours – By appointment


I am delighted to be joining the RAP this year! For nearly 20 years, I have been teaching and researching in the area of organizational communication. Much of my work concerns how organizations operate with respect to power and participation, and I am especially interested in how they might operate in more effective, inclusive, and dignifying ways. My scholarship also examines how occupational and professional identities evolve over time and in relation to bureaucratic and post-bureaucratic organizational forms. A major focus of my research and teaching is how relations of difference–such as gender, race, sexuality, and class–shape our work and organizational lives. It has been an honor to travel around North America, Europe, and Australia over the last 10 years, talking with others about these themes and the ways in which organizations might be developed to better address them. After two decades of studying institutions beyond my own, I am thrilled to be part of a program where we engage with these and related issues close to home. I am excited to join my staff and faculty colleagues as we continue to cultivate a stimulating living-learning community in which not only students, but all of us, grow as effective, adaptive, and ethical communicators in a complex society. On a more personal note, I find the stunning setting of this campus and community to be a glorious place in which to do this work as well as play afterward. I enjoy those common Colorado pastimes–hiking, camping, skiing, and savoring the generous sunshine–and I also love music, reading, traveling, spicy food, and sharing a bottle of wine with friends.