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One benefit of being part of a living-learning community is that there are lots of opportunities to engage with other students and faculty both inside and outside the classroom.


Here is just a sample of the activities that the program has hosted:


“Farewell Fiesta Party” (April 26, 2016) — BUCK celebrated the end of the year with food and fun! At the Farewell Fiesta, we ate tamales and cake, listened to music and laughed with our friends. Even Chip got to join in the festivities as he made an appearance. Throughout the night, we celebrated our Storytelling Contest winner, Kathryn Gardner, and the runner up, Margaret Spencer, and thanked our Director Karen Ashcraft for her years of hard work and service. It was a bittersweet end to what has been a fantastic year.


“Comedy Night” (April 15, 2016) — Buckingham Hall residents were treated to a few of the local comedians in the Boulder/Denver comedy scene. Comedians Nolawee Mengeist, Cody Spyker, and Jacob Rupp kept the crowd of residents ont he edge of their seats and laughing constantly throughout their sets. Residents Ryan Burmester and Melissa Sprinkle also performed for their peers. With the success of the event, Buckingham residents had something to laugh about before heading into their final weeks of the semestr.


“Super Bowl Party” (February 7, 2016) — COMM RAP students headed down to the Common Room to watch the highly anticipated showdown between the Broncos and the Panthers for Superbowl 50! Students enjoyed pizza as points were scored by both teams and cheers could be heard across the pond. Although Panthers fans left with their heads down and Broncos fans left with prideful bragging rights, the Cosmo’s pizza and company was enjoyed by all.


“Open Mic Night” (February 3, 2016) — Open Mic Night was a huge hit with Buckingham students, more than 60 people attended the event to perform or support their peers. Buckingham is home to amazing people with talents including, but not limited to, singing, playing instruments, slam poetry, writing novels, and stand-up comedy. BUCK even had guest appearances from Alumni and the CU a cappella group On the Rocks.


“Welcome Back Party” (January 20, 2016) — With everybody fresh faced from winter break, the students of Buckingham Hall were ready to get back together and reignite the COMM RAP community at the annual Welcome Back Party. The students celebrated their academic achievements from the previous semester with awards for those who did particularly well with their GPA. New CU students were warmly welcomed into the hall and the larger community with introductions to prominent staff and employees. The Welcome Back Party was an experience that will positively echo throughout the semester ahead for all involved.




“Slam Poetry with Adam Gottlieb” (October 27 & 28, 2015) — On Tuesday, October 27th, 26-year-old Adam Gottlieb performed spoken word in Fiske Planetarium followed by a Poetic Justice Workshop on Wednesday, October 28th for the Communication and Society RAP students and faculty. His spirit and energy lingered throughout the week in Buckingham Hall.


For the past two years, Gottlieb said that social justice has taken over the artist and audience members could definitely tell when he performed his poems about systematic oppression, privilege, and equal rights.


“I’ve become really obsessed with it,” Gottlieb said. “I’m passionate about all of it. If you had to name what gets me up in the morning, it’s hard to say. I really think about it in terms of saving the world.”


His poetry was powerful under a theater of universe and made many COMM RAP students, like Trinity Clark, think about the role they play in society.


“Adam’s performances artistically expressed the underlying feelings of systematic oppression,” Clark said. “He showed how powerful words can be, no matter our background or our privilege. We can make a difference and positively influence others.”


Gottlieb performed his poem called The Music of Anger (This is the Year), which was featured in the 2010 documentary film, Louder Than a Bomb where he got his start and exposure in youth spoken word.


Five years later, Gottlieb works as a teaching artist in Chicago and continues to mentor students with Young Chicago Authors, staying involved in Louder Than a Bomb.


On Wednesday, Gottlieb hosted a poetry workshop he called “Poetic Justice” and discussed the importance of irony in poetry and the idea of a utopia. Students in the workshop analyzed poems and were also given the opportunity to write their own poems.


In addition to Gottlieb’s spoken word, two Buckingham Hall and COMM RAP residents performed their own forms of spoken word.


First-year-student Jennifer “Jen” Keller performed a song from her band, American Grandma, and Kathryn “Kat” Gardner read a poem she performed in a national poetry competition.


Students said they were inspired after Gottlieb’s visit and appreciated the experience.



“Family Weekend Marimba Pancake Breakfast” (October 3, 2015) — Our students were awaken at the crack of dawn on Saturday, October 3rd, to the sweet melodies of marimba music initiating this year’s annual Family Weekend Pancake Breakfast. Our trusty Community Developers prepared pancakes and all the toppings for residents and their families to enjoy while mingling with faculty and other students. Family members came from as far as Texas and Montana to spend time with their students. This year was certainly a success, so much so that we almost ran out of pancake batter! After the great turnout and amazing music we can’t help but be excited for next year.


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“Louder Than A Bomb Film Screening” (September 30, 2015) — On September 30th, many of the new residents of Buckingham Hall gathered in Wolf Law for the screening of the much acclaimed documentary, Louder Than A Bomb. After a delicious pizza dinner, everyone settled in and found themselves amazed at the outstanding high school students who are also slam poets slamming the house down. After the documentary, the students were surprised to find out that one of the students featured in the documentary, Adam Gottlieb, will be coming to the RAP at the end of October to perform and offer workshops. The students are super pumped for this exciting, upcoming event!


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“Open Mic Night” (September 17, 2015) — About a third of a way through the 2015 fall semester, Buckingham Hall hosted its first Open Mic Night. First-year students, faculty, and BUCK alumni gathered in the Living Room to listen to the amazing talents of our students while munching on delicious tamales and desserts. Performances ranged from stand up comedy, to live music, to slam poetry. It was definitely a night to remember. Sounds of laughter and applause filled the room as the performances of Buckingham residents came to an end. After the event, students were already talking about how they couldn’t wait for the next Open Mic Night!


“Art Night” (September 1, 2015) — On Monday, September 1st, residents of Buckingham Hall gathered for community art night. Pizza was ate and music was danced to while students expressed their more artistic sides. Students were able to help paper mache the halls mascot, Bucky, who will hang on the wall near the Community Center to greet anybody entering the residence hall. Most excitingly residents were able to put their hand prints on the community mural which will hang in the lobby for the remainder of the academic year.


“The Hunting Ground” (March 10, 2015) — Instructor Sara Jamieson accompanied a large crowd of COMM RAP students to screen ‘The Hunting Ground” documentary Tuesday, March 10 in Muenzinger Auditorium at 7:30pm. This documentary took a hard look at campus sexual assault and the way colleges and universities around the country are failing to address the problem. It received intense publicity since its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January as students recount harrowing experiences with sexual assault, made worse by misguided campus judicial systems and university administrators who ignored the severity of the incidents.


“And Justice for All?: The ongoing struggle for Civil Rights in the U.S.” (February 18, 2015) — COMM RAP students gathered for a night of inspiration and education with a forum celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the civil rights movement. Residents, professors, faculty, student staff and speakers enjoyed delicious tamales and hors d’oeuvres and then participated in an interactive discussion regarding current legislation, LGBT rights, racial disparities, and women’s equality. Everyone in attendance was inspired to enact change and left with a deeper understanding of the state of rights in America. Our list of speakers and their topics were:

* Daniel Ramos (One Colorado, Denver) – “The Journey for LGBT Equality in Colorado and Beyond”
* Michele Simpson (University of Colorado, Boulder) – “State of Emergency: Transgender Women of Color”
* Diane DeBella (University of Colorado, Boulder) – “The F Word: The History of Feminism in the U.S.”
* Jessica Polini (Office of Institutional Equity and Compliance – CU Boulder) – Talked about those aspects of Title IX that protect
students from sexual misconduct and that deal with protected class discrimination and harassment


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Point of Entry: An odyssey through hip-hop dance and culture (February 4, 2015) — COMM RAP held the Point of Entry: An odyssey through hip-hop dance and culture event on February 4th at 7:30pm in Kittredge Central N114. This event is an example of the COMM RAP theme of civil rights and the wonderful dancing of the Funkinetic Project was featured. The Funkinetic Project demonstrated various types of dances that taught students about the culture and protests throughout the history of dance and provided a different perspective to the concept of civil rights.


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Holiday Party (December 11, 2014) — Sounds of holiday cheer and the spicy smell of apple cider filled the halls of Buckingham Hall during the annual Holiday Party on Thursday night. Festive activities such as a gingerbread house competition, snowflake making, and the traditional ugly sweater competition took place throughout the night. Yummy traditional treats such as mini cupcakes, cookies, hot chocolate, and tamales were thoroughly enjoyed by the students and staff of the hall. The much anticipated “Bucking Fam” song by BUCK students also made its world premiere and was a hit! The annual Buckingham Hall Holiday Party was a huge success and brought students together one last time before the new year.


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The Giving Tree Event (November 20, 2014) — The residents of Buckingham Hall came together to kick off the celebration of Fall Break with freshly baked pies, hot apple cider, and the warmth of each other’s company. Each resident wrote what they were grateful for on a leaf and hung it on a grand community tree in the BUCK Common Room. Some things residents were grateful for were family, friends, education, pets, freedom, and even chicken-flavored ramen noodles. The event truly encouraged residents to reflect on what they were grateful for, while mingling with friends and enjoying delicious sweets.


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Open Mic Night Event (October 2, 2014) — On Thursday, Oct. 2nd, COMM RAP students kicked off a successful unplugged weekend with an impressive display of talent at Open Mic Night from 7:00-10:00pm. Students gathered to enjoy pizza and watch each other perform everything from slam poetry to book readings, and from piano solos to popular pop songs. The Resident Advisors (RAs) demonstrated their spontaneity in a surprise rendition of the CU fight song and there was even a song written exclusively in the honor of Buckingham. Thanks for coming our and showing your stuff Buckingham! We have a huge amount of talent in the hall this year.



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Harlem Globetrotters Event (March 29, 2014) — On Saturday, March 29th, a group of about 30 Buckingham residents and CU students and staff went to see the Harlem Globetrotters perform at the 1st Bank Events Center in Broomfield, CO. For many, this was their very first time seeing the Globetrotters. COMM RAP helped fund a portion of this event, which allowed a wide range of students, including international students, to come together as a group for one big spring break event! Many students said they highly enjoyed the chance to see the Globetrotters, and hopefully we will be able to do some other events like this again and have more of our residents present.


Academy Awards Event (March 2, 2014) — Buckingham’s annual Academy Awards ceremony was held on March 2, 2014. Students gathered in the Common Room to play Oscar trivia, enjoy some hors d’oeuvres, and watched the 86th Academy Awards ceremony. Laughs were loud as Ellen DeGeneres hosted the ceremony, engaging in crazy antics and gags. Throughout the evening hosts Joshua Chen and Amalia Arguello, two of Buckingham’s resident advisors, presented students with their “Oscars” awards after COMM RAP faculty, Peer Mentors, and BUCK Resident Advisors nominated students for the following awards: Buckingham Community Engagement, Civic Engagement, Buff Spirit, and Classroom Leadership. The event had an amazing turnout and students enjoyed their evening hanging out and interacting with each other. Congratulations to all of our 2014 award recipients!



Beatlemania Event (February 6-9, 2014) — February 6-9th marked the 50th anniversary of the British invasion by The Beatles, and COMM RAP celebrated this weekend with events centered around “Beatlemania” and the effects on U.S. culture. On Thursday, 2/6, professors Babicz, Jamieson, and Watterworth gathered to give presentations and facilitate discussion with Kittredge Complex residents about effects of Beatles on American society. Friday, 2/7 was the Beatlemania bash, where there were prizes for the best Beatles karaoke sound-a-like and winner of the Beatles trivia contest. Sunday, 2/9 featured an all-day Beatles movie marathon in Buckingham’s Common Room. Fun was by all that attended the events, and many enjoyed learning about the Beatles.


Superbowl Party (February 2, 2014) — On Sunday, February 2nd, Buckingham Hall held a Superbowl Party to enjoy the 48th Superbowl. Around 30 people came and we enjoyed pizza and snacks together. Some students played Advertisement Bingo during the commercials. Unfortunately we witnessed the outright defeat of the Denver Broncos at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks, but there’s always next year.


Mama Mia Show – Buell Theatre at the Denver Center for Performing Arts (January 30, 2014) — On Thursday, January 30, 2014, eight COMM RAP students accompanied Program Coordinator, Josephine Kapatayes to see Mama Mia show at The Buell Theatre in Denver. The students rode the RTD bus into downtown Denver and enjoyed a delicious meal from The Market. As the girls walked to the Buell Theatre, the city lights sparked in the rainy and snowy night. The show was full of laughs and the girls had a great bonding experience. Even though it was snowing, all the girls still enjoyed their experience traveling to Denver in the snow, as well as the performance.


Mama Mia photo
Welcome Back Party (January 22, 2014) — The Welcome Back Party was a celebration of the community fostered by the wonderful residents of Buckingham Hall. The party featured a delicious variety of food, an overview of the semester’s future events, and a captivating performance by CU’s only all-female a-capella group, “On the Rocks.” Risotto cakes, sparkling cider, and delicious cake were some of the fantastic foods enjoyed by residents and staff alike. The highlight of the evening was the recognition of BUCK’s brightest students during the GPA Awards, followed by a moving performance by “On the Rocks” with the song “Killing Me Softly.”



Holiday Party (December 12, 2013) — COMM RAP’s Holiday Party was to have one last hurrah to close the semester and celebrate the incoming holiday season. The party was held in the BUCK Common Room which was decorated to fit the occasion. Residents got the chance to celebrate the semester’s end with the student leaders and faculty members and their families. There were plenty of festive snacks, drinks, a photo booth and ginger bread horses provided, and many people came prepared with their ugly sweaters. We all enjoyed the final event in Buckingham Hall before the fall semester ended, and the spring semester began.



Pumpkin Carving (October 24, 2013) — In the spirit of Halloween, residents of Buckingham Hall came together and carved pumpkins with a professional pumpkin carver. The pumpkins, once completed, were put on display around Buckingham and the top 4 most creative pumpkins won prizes. Resident Advisors and Peer Mentors of Buckingham Hall also joined in the carving of pumpkins, enhancing the overall community and friendly atmosphere that Buckingham provides. Pumpkin carving provided residents with an activity that helped fuel their creativity, provided them with a way to take a break from their studies, and allowed them to spend time with friends they have made in Buckingham.



Women’s Self Defense Workshop (November 6, 2011) –The Women’s Self Defense class took place on Sunday, Novembr 6th at 7:00pm where students learned a bunch of moves to help protect themselves against various types of attacks. Each female got to work with a different partner on each move, and at the end, students got to use their newly developed skills on the instructor!


Girls Night In (November 5, 2011)–In early November, female Buckingham residents–and a couple of boys too!–took a Saturday evening off from studying and going out to relax, at Chinese take-out, watch The Notebook, paint nails, and read Cosmo magazines.


Zombie Week (October 24 –  October 28, 2011)


  • Zombie Ball at Golden West (October 28, 2011)–On Friday, October 28th we had a Zombie Ball at Golden West, the senior residence nearby. About 25 residents crawled over to Golden West to celebrate Halloween with the residents there. There were pictures, lots of food, costume contests, mingling, and best of all, dancing. We relaxed and showed off our costumes to everyone. The residents at Golden West greatly appreciated out company, and vice versa.


  • Golden West Zombie Ball Pizza party-makeup (October 28, 2011)–Before heading over to Golden West as zombies, Buckingham residents and staff joined together to prepare for the zombie night, helping each other rip clothes and paint their faces. Jeans and dresses were cut and ripped to make the most realistic zombies possible.


  • Golden West Zombie Ball Set-up/decorate & interview (October 28, 2011)–From 3:30-5:00pm Buckingham residents helped decorate Golden West. The ballroom was covered in webs, spiders, and other Halloween decorations while the picture set had a plethora of webs, rats, and even a spooky chair. After the set-up was over, Marci was interviewed by the media relations on campus about the COMM RAP and the Zombie Ball.


  • Food/crafts, pumpkin carving, zombie make-up (October 27, 2011)–Thursday before Halloween with plenty of pumpkins to carve, snacks to devour, and a warm-up make-up parlor for the following day’s Zombie Crawl to Golden West students made treats that included popcorn hands, brownies, and sugar cookies for the Zombie Ball. Fifteen pumpkins were carved by residents, which were proudly displayed around the front desk and throughout the halls.


  • Night of the Living Dead Movie/snacks & crafts (October 25, 2011)–On Tuesday, October 25th residents gathered in the lounge to watch The Night of the Living Dead and enjoy popcorn, treats, and “dirt” (chocolate pudding with Oreos and gummy worms). COMM RAP residents got a glimpse of what is really means to be a zombie and gained some inspiration for their costumes for the Zombie Ball.


White-Out Dance Party in Kittredge Commons (October 22, 2011)–In place of snow fall, beats dropped from the ceiling of Kittredge Commons courtesy of  Kittredge’s very own resident DJ’s. As if the crazy moves out on the dance floor didn’t light up the room enough, the dancer’s white shirts beneath the cleverly placed black lights surely did.


Homecoming Week (October 17-October 22, 2011)–In order to get hyped for the homecoming football game against Oregon on Saturday, October 23rd, Buckingham’s Hall Council worked to link informative events with funky spirit themes for each day of the week. On Monday it was a pajama fiesta followed by a “With Pleasure Talk” by Community Health that facilitated conversation about sexual health. On Tuesday, a Multi-Cultural affair occurred and later that evening two of our own COMM RAP leaders talked about their experiences studying abroad. On Wednesday, students could confidentiality get an alcohol screening organized and debriefed by the professional staff at the Counseling and Psychological Services. On Thursday, we had a party with Root Beer Floats and a Cop. Students were given the opportunity to satisfy a sweet tooth and converse with a cop from CUPD. On Friday, we had the biggest bang of all, there was a homecoming float that was included in the homecoming parade on Pearl Street followed by a White Out dance party that included all the residence Halls in the area.


Rally for VB game/VB game (October 14, 2011)–After rallying residents to put on their Buffs gear, a group of about 40 residents and student leaders walked over to the Coors Event Center to cheer on not just our lady Buffalo volleyball team, but two members of our community as well. This was not just a great opportunity for school spirit, but Buckingham spirit as well because two ladies on the team proudly represent our residence hall. The night was filled with loud cheering (we even came up with some of our own cheers) and a lot of fun.


Boulder Farmer’s Market (October 8, 2011)–Students enrolled in Nutrition, health, and performance were able to first-hand experience the concepts of the class through attending Boulder’s Farmer’s Market. COMM RAP professor, Donna Louie, gave her students the opportunity to talk face-to-face with local farmers, and even get a taste of the fresh goods at Boulder’s weekly Farmer’s Market on Saturday, October 8, 2011. After learning the facts, students were given cash coupons to sample some of the locally grown goods. The trip to the Farmer’s Market helped the students gain a better perspective on the significance of “home-grown” products, as well as enhanced their class experience.


South & 2nd West Pajama Dinner Date (October 6, 2011)–Thursday night on October 6, the ladies of Buckingham’s second west floor met with the gentlemen of first south on a lovely dinner date. The dinner allowed the two floors to get to know each other in a more intimate setting — in pajamas!


Pancake Breakfast Tailgate (October 1, 2011)–A banquet was held in honor of Buckingham parents, who were visiting for the weekend. Parent’s weekend marked the 1st time that many Buckingham residents reunited with their folks since that initial departure from home. Coffee and pancakes kept many fraternizing until a final goodbye, ladled with hugs, kisses, and tears.


Coffee Corner Parents Welcome (September 30, 2011)–To kick off CU’s family weekend, COMM RAP faculty greeted families and friends on Friday afternoon in the Buckingham Lounge with coffee and snacks. Prior to the event, a benefactor generously agreed to match up to $2,000 in funding for COMM RAP academic scholarships so in addition to learning about life in Buckingham Hall, guests were encouraged to pick-up a mug or cup sporting the COMM RAP name to help us reach our scholarship funding goal. If you’d like to help support the Communication & Society Residential Academic Program at the University of Colorado at Boulder, please donate at: assettdev.colorado.edu/commrap/giving.


The Art of Flight – Round 2 (September 30, 2011)–Because not all of the COMM RAP students were able to attend the Boulder Theater event on Wednesday, 9/28, the program showed the “Art of Flight” movie in-house on Friday, 9/30 at 6:00pm in the Common Room.


The Art of Flight & CheeseCake Factory (September 28, 2011)–The movie “The Art of Flight” profiles the lifestyle of extreme sport enthusiasts and was shown in selected cities across the world – Boulder was one of those cities. COMM RAP students headed to Boulder Theater! After the movie, n all of the attendees walked to the CheeseCake Factory for some dessert and conversation about the ways that Boulder’s physical environment shapes and influences our larger, communal identity.


Open Mic Night (September 22, 2011)–Heard all the way from the C4C, ther’s no doubt Kittredge doesn’t know who the best dorm is now. Buckingham’s Open Mic Night event was a huge success that highlighted some of our own resident’s talent. Kicking off CU’s ‘Live Free Weekend,’ singing, poetry, rapping, and DJ sessions were just some of the artistry on the lineup. Not only did over 70 residents show up to support their fellow dorm mates, but also over twenty people came to show off their skills.


“Dive” Movie Showing for IPHY 2420 Class (September 20, 2011)–The COMM RAP students in IPHY 2420: Nutrition for Health and Performance class watched Dive movie. The movie profiled a small group of people who go diving in dumpsters outside of grocery stores at night in order to get food for their families, and it was a great way to raise awareness of waste and food health in our own community in Buckingham Hall.


Media Deprivation (September 15-September 18, 2011)–All COMM RAP students are enrolled in a one-credit class designed to help Buckingham Residents develop an understanding of the importance of communication in building community and shaping society. In this Communication & Community course (COMR 1000), the instructors have been talking about the impact of technology and media in COMM RAP students lives. But nothing makes a point more concretely than personal experience. To help understand the role of media and communication technologies in our lives, students were asked to go on a starvation diet for three whole days: Sept. 15, 16 and 17. The challenge was to go for 72 hours (Thursday-Saturday) without mediated communication. The whole hall participated int he event. To assist the students and instructors with this, extra activities were planned for Buckingham Hall over these three days.


  • Tie Dye (September 18, 2011)–The program held a tie-dye program! The group met outside Buckingham and tie-dyed their white T-shirts. This event was a huge success and all of the shirts looked great!


  • Center For Community (C4C) & Trivia (September 17, 2011)–The program rented out the Colorado Room at the C4C and enjoyed a “family” dinner together. While everyone enjoyed dinner, the conversation got going as everyone engaged in some casual trivia quizzing out on the patio. After dinner, the group headed inside for a private ice cream sundae bar. While enjoying ice cream, the true trivia test began. Many laughs were exchanged during the three-team, 25-question trivia competition that, of course, ended in a tie. After three or more tie-breaker attempts, a winner was chosen! The winning team won a bag of candy and goodies, which they shared with the group. It was a night filled with ice cream, laughs, and friendly competition!


  • Hike to Chautauqua (September 17, 2011)–A group of COMM RAP students went to climb the second flatiron at Chautauqua Park were they had fun climbing up a rock field and clambering over the boulders. The hike went longer than expected, but it was a blast. Chautauqua Park is a great place for hikers of all calibers with the variety of trails it has. While getting to the top of the flatiron was challenging for some, the view was stunning.


  • Left Right Tim Improv Comedy Show (September 16, 2011)–In exchange for the media entertainment residents often result to in their free-time, over twenty COMM RAP students walked over to Hale Sciences on Friday eveening, Sept. 16, 2011, and enjoyed the performance of CU’s Improv group “Left Right Tim.” The show show was a success and enhanced the motivation of the residents to commit to their assignment.


  • Pollack Painting (September 16, 2011)–Grab some paint and go crazy. That’s exactly what several students did at the Pollock Painting event. Inspired by the great American painter, Jackson Pollock, the technique everyone used could be described as ‘splatter.’ Whether it was on pieces of wood, carpet squares, or canvas, color was slinging from paintbrushes onto just about everything. Interpret the masterpieces as you may, but next time the TV isn’t working or your cell-phone happens to break, take some advice from this awesome event — throw some paint!


  • Boardgame Night (September 15, 2011)–Board game nights were held in the common room while Monopoly and Sorry were present. Unsurprisingly, the most popular games were Apples to Apples that have never seen such a crazy and fun game and Catch Phrase that laughter and loud voices were everywhere.


Pet Rocks (September 8, 2011)–It may be college, however students are never too old to get their fingers full of glitter and glue. Residents of Buckingham Hall enjoyed an evening of socializing and expressing their creativity at the Pet Rock event. Related to our place and space theme, a group of students hiked to the creek to adopt a piece of Boulder to bring home as their own. Together, residents participated in decorating their rocks with an assortment of pipe cleaners, paints, and many other crafts. As the communication dorm, many residents took advantage of the open-door policy and these rocks can be seen throughout the hall due to residents using them as doorstops. The Pet Rock program not only opened opportunity for residents to engage in an activity together and explore parts of Boulder’s natural surroundings, but also encouraged residents to continue building friendships within the Residence Hall.


BIODOME Exhibit & Dushanbe Tea House (August 31, 2011)–Over 25 COMM RAP students visited the BIODOME Exhibit at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. With the help from a curator a prompt discussion was held about the ways that physical environment shapes our concept of community and culture. After a look at a digital representation of diversity, a topographical map with projections of technology use int he Boulder area, a relay baton race used to demonstrate teamwork, difference, and the passing-on of the diversity message to others in our community, and a gaze into a mirrored, geometrical model used to illustrate how difference is at once reflected and refracted through the eyes of individuals we all ventured outside into the Boulder Farmers Market. The Market takes place on Wednesday evenings outside of the museum and captures the sights, smells, and tastes of Boulder. After spending some time wandering through the Farmers Market, all the attendees reconvened at the Dushanbe Tea House to discuss the ways that both the art exhibit and the Farmers Market add to our ongoing theme of ‘place, space, and community.’


Welcome Event (August 22, 2011)–The event helped people in COMM RAP to relate to each other in a way that highlighted our theme for the semester … ‘Place, Space, and Community.” Students started off playing a game of rock paper scissors, but it wasn’t your ordinary game of rock, paper, scissors! For each individual round that took place, whoever lost became the biggest fan of the person that won. In the end, our entire COMM RAP population was rooting for one of two finalists. After our large group ice breaker, we broke out into groups to talk about a preassigned reading and to get to chat with instructors and people we might not have already met. The event ended with ice cream and great conversations!




Peking Acrobats–Showcasing daring acrobatics of trick cycling, precision tumbling, and gravity defying displays, students attended the Peking Acrobats in Macky Auditorium on April 17th. Described as awe-inspiring, the special performance is rooted in Chinese history, making it an occasion full of culture and art.


Poetry Week (March 7-March 11, 2011)–Buckingham Hall hosted building-wide Poetry Week, which was a series of special events dedicated to the creative and individual aspects of poetry. Including topics such as slam, limericks, and haikus, the week led up to the final Open Mic Night, where students shared their own creative works of poetry, stories, and music.


A Night in Nepal–Catered Nepalese goodies and storytelling were just two of the fantastic elements presented at the ‘Night in Nepal’ event hosted by the RAP, Buckingham Hall and Narayan Shrestha on March 3, 2011. Father of local resident, Regina Shrestha, Narayan shared stories of immigrating to the U.S., striving in the business world, and the importance of giving back.


Oscars Party–The COMM RAP hosted on February 27, 2011 an Academy Awards viewing party, involving a ballot contest, Oscar bingo, and refreshments The pajama party theme allowed students to gather in comfortable clothes and root on their favorite films and thespians.


Roller Derby–The season opener of Denver’s roller derby team, the Denver Roller Dolls, was held at the First Bank Center on February 19, 2011, and allowed for an exciting and unique experience for many students. In addition to learning about the rules and culture of roller derby, students were able to examine the ways in which gender roles and stereotypes were both rejected and enforced in the women’s sport.


eTown–Known for though-provoking interviews and great performances, RAP students attended the live taping of the popular, politically infused radio show, eTown on February 14, 2011. With performances by Martin Sexton and Nellie McKay as well as entertaining and witty conversations, the Valentine’s event proved to be an interesting experience that encompassed a wide-range of communication aspects in broadcast media.


Yoga (February 1-March 1, 2011)–Led by instructor Kassandra Brown, students were able to participate in a weekly afternoon session in the dorm lounge, which focused on yoga practice as a way to understand self and expression. Highlighting the importance of calming and strengthening the mind, body, spirit, and emotions in class, students noted it was a great workout as well as an enlightening experience.


Dushanbe Teahouse–On January 29, 2011 several students ventured to the local Dushanbe Teahouse, a building built and gifted to Boulder by its sister city, Tajikstan. Along with the enjoyment of a variety of gourmet snacks and delicious teas, the students learned how dialogue and cultural difference play key roles in communication.


Holiday Party (December 7, 2010)–To celebrate the end of first term, COMM RAP hosted a holiday party using an “ugly sweater contest” theme. Students competed for the coveted prize of ugliest sweater with a fashion show. Other activities included cookie decorating and snowflake designing. Snowflakes were hung from the ceiling to help winterize Buckingham lobby. In addition to socializing and snacking, students had their pictures taken at the photo-booth with friends. The event ended with a memories video, capturing fun moments from COMM RAP events throughout the semester.


How Humor Sells (November 10, 2010)–To cap off the semester long co-curricular theme of communication and humor, COMM RAP invited a panel of industry professions to talk about how humor works in marketing and advertising. The panel consisted of Colleen Campbell from the Onion newspaper, Jeremy Siebold from Boulder advertising agency TDA, and Peter McGraw from CU’s own Humor Research Laboratory. The event was followed with dinner and conversation at The Taj Indian Cuisine, across the street from Buckingham Hall.


Dorian Haarhoff The Art and Power of Storytelling–On October 18, 2010, internationally-renowned storyteller and consultant, Dorian Haarhoff, hosted an event in Buckingham Hall about the power of storytelling. Haarhoff emphasized the importance of storytelling for individuals and companies. He had served as a consultant for organizations such as DeLoitte, Shell and Nedbank, helping them tell their stories.


Denver Art Museum, King Tut Exhibit–Professor Kendra Gale and 15 students from the RAP toured the Denver Art Museum’s King Tut Exhibit on October 10, 2010. This exhibit, which includes more than 100 objects from King Tutankhamun’s tomb, provided a unique opportunity to consider how culture impacts composition and form of symbols and icons. Students enrolled in the Visual Literacy course, and others in the RAP interested in art were able to build their knowledge of visual symbolism and discuss the interesting cultural forms represented in the exhibit.


Dr. Karambu Ringera, Founder of International Peace Initiatives–Dr. Ringera spoke to students in the Perspectives on Human Communication course on October 8, 2010 about her experiences growing up in Kenya and her activism related peace-making in Africa.


Coffee with Dr. Kevin Barge, Consultant and Scholar–Dr. Kevin Barge from Texas A&M University came to Buckingham Hall on September 24, 2010 to speak to students about his experience as a leader in Organizational Communication. The RAP hosted an informal coffee break with Dr. Barge to answer student’s questions about networking internships, and career goals and discuss communication’s role in organizational life.


Trip to see The Second City Perform at Denver Center for the Performing Arts–On September 26, 2010, over 40 RAP students, RAs, RAP faculty, and Peer Mentors attended Chicago’s legendary comedy theater “The Second City” at the Denver Center for Performing Arts. The Second City has been a training ground for many of the topic comedians in the country including Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and Stephen Colbert. The show’s satirical sketches, songs, and improvisations provided the basis for discussion about humor as a form of civic discourse and the impact of humor on our understanding of political processes.


Who Are You, Really? Facebook and Identity–Graduate Part-Time Instructor Diane Keeling hosted on September 14, 2010 a discussion with students about some of the communicative effects of the use of Facebook. Keeling helped students to consider how a medium as large and influential as Facebook is working to shape how we make sense of our own identity as well as how we interpret the identity of others.